Kelly's Eye: UK Bingo's Number Nicknames

So there you are playing bingo in UK, listening for the British caller to call out the numbers, when suddenly, you hear him say instead, "Cup of tea!" and "Kelly's eye!"

What's going on???

That's your bingo caller confirming the called-out numbers using UK's bingo number nicknames! "Cup of tea" in UK bingo slang means "three." "Kelly's eye," on the other hand, is the a number nickname of "one."

And the list goes on, all the way to the number 90. After all, there are 90 balls in UK bingo.

Fortunately - or unfortunately - not all of the number nicknames are commonly used. For example, it's really not very usual to hear from a caller, "Seventy-two, in for a poo." But there are a few favorites, like "One, Kelly's eye," "Eleven, legs eleven," and "Ninety, top of the shop."

Nonetheless, just in case you do meet them, here are the rest of the UK bingo number nicknames:

1 Kelly's eye 2 Dirty old jew 3 Cup of tea 4 Knock at the door 5 Man alive 6 Just a click 7 Hope in heaven 8 The garden gate 9 Doctor's orders 10 Big Ben 11 Legs eleven 12 One dozen 13 Unlucky for some 14 Valentine's day 15 Rugby team 16 Sweet sixteen 17 Never been kissed 18 Coming of age 19 Goodbye teens 20 Getting plenty 21 Key of the door 22 All the twos 23 Thee and me 24 Two dozen 25 Duck and dive 26 Half a crown 27 Gateway to heaven 28 Duck and it's mate 29 You're doing fine 30 Dirty Gertie 31 Get up and run 32 Buckle my shoe 33 All the three 34 Ask for more 35 Jump and jive 36 Three dozen 37 More than eleven 38 You're late 39 All the steps 40 Over the hill 41 Life's begun 42 Winnie the Pooh 43 Down on your knees 44 All the fours 45 Halfway there 46 Up to tricks 47 Four and seven 48 Four dozen 49 Rise and shine 50 Bulls eye 51 Tweak of the thumb 52 Weeks in a year 53 Stuck in a tree 54 Clean the floor 55 All the fives 56 Was she worth it? 57 Heinz varieties 58 Make them wait 59 Brighton Line 60 Three score 61 Baker's bun 62 Turn on the screw 63 Tickle me 64 Red Raw 65 Old age pension 66 All the sixes 67 Made in heaven 68 Saving grace 69 Thats rude 70 Three score and ten 71 Bang on the drum 72 In for a poo 73 Crutch with a flea 74 Candy store 75 Strive and dive 76 Seven and six 77 All the sevens 78 Heaven's gate 79 One more time 80 There you go, matey 81 Stop and run 82 Straight on through 83 Fat lady with a flea 84 Seven dozen 85 Staying alive 86 Between the sticks 87 Fat lady with a crutch 88 All the eights 89 Nearly there 90 Top of the shop

There are other variations of UK bingo number nicknames that you might encounter, like "at the beginning" for one, "one little duck" for two, and "one little flea" for three, but these listed here are the basic number nicknames that you might encounter. So the next time you hear "Kelly's eye," don't go asking your seatmate, "Who's Kelly?"